Tour de Tanks 2015

It’s that time of year again, Tour de Tanks 2015! Since 2013, the Aquaponics Association has held the Tour de Tanks, which is a celebration of all things Aquaponics. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate by either showing off their system(s) or visiting those who are. The idea is to spread the love of aquaponics by showing how it’s made an impact in your life.


This time last year, a group of aquaponic enthusiasts got together and built an aquaponics system for Solid State Depot. The system was built using mostly reclaimed materials. It has served as a lovely addition to the space and is used as a teaching aid during aquaponic classes held at the space. Come visit the hackerspace and see the aquaponics system we created together, one year in the making.

This system also boasts some technical features including, a PID controller used to regulate both the heating and cooling of the tank as well as temperature and pH monitoring, all sent to the web and graphed for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re in the Boulder, CO area there will be a showing of the SSD tank as well as a showing of my home tanks. If you can, please RSVP on the Boulder Aquaponics Enthusiasts Meetup page. Who knows, maybe next year you’ll be hosting your own tour!