The Turtleponics Project

This past summer, I set out to build an aquaponically filtered habitat for my pet aquatic turtles. I wanted to test both my aquaponic system building skills as well as my wood working skills. The stand and above tank basking area were a great challenge, and building them helped me get back in touch with my inner carpenter. But that was only half the challenge. The second half was seeing if the turtles would actually eat food grown aquaponically from their own waste.

2014-12-07 15.39.39

I finally got around to doing a big write up on the whole build, from conception to finishing touches. You can read all about the project over here.

New to the site is the Projects tab up in the top navigation. You can quickly access write ups to all my projects there without having to search through the blog. Stay tuned, as there will be many more past and present projects being added soon.

I also had the privilege of writing up a blog post about the system on That post covers more of the electronics used in the lighting system but also gives a good synopsis of the project if you don’t want all the gritty details.