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Boulder Aquaponics Enthusiasts


This month I decided it was time to generate more interest around aquaponics in my area, Boulder, CO, by starting an aquaponic-centered group. Having successfully started a Meetup.com page for Solid State Depot, I felt the same could be done for an aquaponics group. Meet the Boulder Aquaponics Enthusiasts. Much like the hackerspace that the group will use as its home base, the BAE will serve as a group created by the community, for the community. It will be a hub for all things aquaponics in the Denver-Boulder area. On top of monthly open house catch-ups, the group will offer introductory classes and workshops centered around aquaponics and other related technologies. We will also cater to those who have lots of aquaponics experience by offering classes on unconventional topics such as automating systems with open source technology. I aim to bring together all the great minds this state, and this world, has to offer not just for aquaponics but to also help us change the way we use the finite resources this planet has to offer.